Teach love, and you live in a love-filled nation.

A month ago Malaysians were shocked by a horrible tragedy that involved a bus plunging into the depths of a ravine, killing 37 and leaving 16 injured. The nation and families of the victims were traumatized and saddened. We mourned. What did the government do? The government of Malaysia did what was right and rational – investigate the cause of the accident, the public bus operators were warned to ensure their licences were valid. The government did not kill all other bus drivers in the country. The government did not kill all other bus operators in the country. The government did not forbid public buses operating in the nation. That’s sane. You may be wondering am I insane to mention these latter possible steps.

Across the globe, two months ago, The Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco’s airport, killing two, seriously injuring two dozen and a hundred others. The world mourned and cried over it, we regretted and we wished it did not take place. But what was the solution offered? Thorough investigations were carried out, Asiana offered temporary cash payouts for all the victims, someone filed lawsuits against the airline. Nobody killed any other pilot or crews of the airline. The other airlines were not stopped from operating. Other planes in Korea were not burnt and destroyed simply because an accident occured which involved a plane, have hurt many.

Few days ago in Romania, a four-year-old child was involved in a freak accident – he was “apparently” killed by dogs when he strayed into a private compound. It hurt and saddened many, the nation and the world mourned for the loss of a beloved. But what was the solution offered? The country undertook the worst, evil action to disguise as a “solution” to this accident – mass killing of dogs and cats – domesticated companion animals over the past centuries that have been the friends of many human beings.

Massacre of Romanian cats and dogs

Massacre of Romanian cats and dogs

It’s an utterly absurd, uncivilized, cruel, insane, demonic decision anyone could ever think of – and to mention this “solution” actually came from the leader of a country? This spells nothing but doom. Unlike other accidents which took place, thorough investigations were not advocated. Instead, the media sensationalized the incident to fire up the ridiculous, irrational rage haunting the nation. Without much deliberation, massacre operations were launched – to kill the innocent, voiceless dogs and cats, unfortunately living in the land of Romania. Wait a minute… why are cats killed? Are they involved in killing human beings too???? =.=”’

On September 3, 2013 – the Romanian President, Traian Basescu , urged the Government to elaborate an emergency ordinance that ALL dogs be killed. In response to the death of a 4 year old child who had strayed onto private property, media hysteria was promoted by the government to kill all homeless animals. Romania is drenched in the blood of many animals where wholesale slaughter is taking place across the country at this moment. In addition to the mass killings happening right now in public shelters, the angry, murderous populace has got a free ticket to kill and dogs and cats are being bludgeoned, shot and poisoned in villages and towns all over Romania. Pregnant bitches, little puppies and socialized gentle dogs, none are being spared!

If children are taught to heartlessly kill these friends-of-men, there is no wonder why they will not kill their parents or friends when they grow up. What will happen to the nation in the future lies in the hands of the current generation.

Teach love, and you live in a love-filled nation.
Teach massacre, and you live in a blood-shed nation.

If you’re reading this, please, I plead you – spend a minute to sign this petition – say no to baseless, reckless, ruthless, brutal massacre of dogs and cats in Romania. You may not be living in Romania – but isn’t it better to make our world a better place for the future generation by teaching them the right values, the right perspectives, the right ways of thinking?

Please sign here:


http://www.petitionen24.com/protestbrief_an_rumanischen_prasidenten_und_verfassungsgericht#form (protest letter to PRESIDENT and Romanian Constitutional Court)

P.S. vorname = first name, nachname = last name, stadt = city, land = country, mailaddresse = address, Deine Unterschrift öffentlich zeigen = show your signature in public, danke = thankyou.

For more info: http://www.occupyforanimals.org/romania–a-country-cries-out-for-revenge-after-the-tragic-death-of-a-four-year-old-boy-who-had-been-attacked-by-dogs.html

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